Enjoyable: PBS

I've come to terms that not having cable could perhaps be good for me. It makes me much more inclined to watch PBS as opposed to reality crap (Of course I'm not giving up Top Model anytime soon.) I've recently seen some amazing things on PBS. The variety of programming is great and everything is so...engrossing.

Journey of Man is one Geneticist's exploration of the migration of some of the earth's earliest inhabitants. He explains the movement of people over the past 60,000 years and tracks down their modern day descendants through the use of genetics. The explanation of the changes to our physical characteristics (skintone) was quite informative.

Iron Ladies of Liberia focuses on the women in power in Liberia, a West African nation in economic turmoil, including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and other members of her cabinet. The filmmakers had amazing access to the President and her efforts to rebuild a nation struggling with huge debt and recovering from years of violence. I couldn't help but feel very sympathetic for this woman, due in small part to her grandmotherly demeanor.

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