Consider: Gallery Walls

I love a gallery wall grouping of art, especially when it is a total mix of sizes, mediums and frames. Here's some nice examples:

James Hyde Unbuilt Exhibit

images: everythingleb.blogspot.com, acontinuouslean.com, gidgetgoesonline.com, gogoabigail.com, habituallychic.com, jameshyde.com


Design Addict said...

Love this! I have a small collection of gay erotica that I'm amassing. Currently, they hang in different areas of my bedroom. A bit ironic since sadly nothing erotic or gay tends to happen there. Eventually, the collection will hold a place over the headboard. Just a few more pieces and I will be ready for my gallery!

anna said...

Thanks for the examples. I'd like to do something similar on one of my walls, probably right above the chaise. I have 3 to 4 pieces so far, but I feel like it might take several months until I collect the rest. Do you suggest waiting until I have a complete wall's worth of art? Or putting up what I have and rearranging as I add more to the grouping?