Organizing Sunday

Yesterday I took on the rather daunting (and hotttt) task of cleaning and organizing my BF George's bedroom. After buying a bevy of storage containers from our local Target, I tackled the closet. I have re-organized a few closets before, but never one that contained so much stuff. Things really started to come together once I placed like objects in groups, color coordinated and stowed away things that were not being used. 



I don't have a before pic of the fireplace, but lets just say the entire mantle was covered with loose odds and ends and a layer of caked on dust. I consider the room to still be a work in progress, and the real design hasn't even begun, so stay tuned for more updates!


George said...

Your boyfriend looks like a hot mess.

my little apartment said...

oh, how I love the after-effects of a good day of organizing. looks great!

and thanks for linking!