Buried Treasures

While at home in Ohio over Thanksgiving, I came across some of the amazing things my parents have stowed away in their basement. Can't wait to haul them out to NY and start furnishing my place with them.

This trunk belonged to my paternal grandmother. It's pretty beat up, but has a lot of get detailing.

Here's a large (and heavy) ceramic container my father used as a wastebasket for many years. Not sure what this is intended for or what the 3 and crown logo signifies, but its cool piece that could be an umbrella holder or a planter.

I have previously mentioned this bedframe that I knew was tucked away. My parents used this four poster bed for about 30 years, and I can't wait to put it to use. I mean, look at those lines!

This is a framed buckwheat bag that came from the mill of my Great Great Great Grandfather. My grandmother had one framed for my Mom a few years ago. Isn't the packaging so clean, simple and lovely?


Bob Taylor said...

Logan, the ceramic containers were originally used to make saurkraut and dill pickles. Mom has several.

Thomas said...

You've got some great pieces to furnish your space. How are you going to get those from Ohio to NY? Sounds like road trip!

Tall Drink said...

Ah, Thank you Bob.

You're correct Thomas. I am hoping to load up a big ole' van and do a road trip this spring/early summer.