Martha's Craft Sale: Firsthand Account

There was wind, rain, chilly temps (and later snow) on Saturday, but it was going to all lot more than that to keep me from Martha Stewart's Holiday Craft Sale. The question is, was it worth the effort? Well have a look for yourself.
Here are my friend Lindsay and BF George (who I pretty much forced to come with, although he did end up enjoying himself) waiting to get in the doors. We were joking that Martha was going to require us to craft something fabulous out of a plastic bag some string and whatever we found on the street in order to gain entrance.

Part II of the line which snaked around several floors and corridors.

Spotted in a hallway, a MSLO internal document! Martha's "Brand Words"

A short picture break with Martha's logo...

...And finally we were in!

This beach themed/seashell tree greeted you when you entered. Very pretty.

Here's one of the tables set up to test out Martha's line of decorative punches. And may I say they were the most beautiful punches ever.

There were about forty-fifty vendors set up selling everything from stationary to ornaments to jewelry and to bowties. I especially liked these snowflakes made from bent wooden strips.

To eat, there were pretzel knots with butter and brie (above), as well as olive oil cake. Tasty!

In addition to all the vendors, there was a section that included examples of all the holiday crafts from the Dec Issue of MSL. Note how the A and Z on the sign had been glittered.

A truly amazing Bonsai Christmas Tree.

Here's a small container that was filled with decorative lights shaped like flowers and pine cones. Simple and so pretty!

I stopped to pose with Martha on the way out. Overall, I had a great time, was totally inspired and enjoyed almost everything I saw. I wasn't totally blown away, and prices were definitely high, but the sale was certainly a good thing.

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Thomas said...

Great photos! Looks like found. Wish I lived in NYC