Tall Giveaway!

I'm very pleased to announce the first ever giveaway here at A Tall Drink. Up for grabs is the Mavis Vase by Bud (pic above), courtesy of CSN stores. It's a clear PVC container that lays flat, but expands when you fill it with water to give the illusion of a glass vase. Awesome, right? CSN stores also has some fantastic Vitra products, one of my favorites being the Uten.Silo II, (pic below) a classic piece designed by Dorothee Becker in 1969.

So to enter to win the Mavis Vase, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite Vitra product is. I will announce the winner on Monday, Jan 4th. Thanks for entering and hope you win!

images: csnstores.com, allmodern.com


Mojo said...

Dear Tall Drink,
While I do love the Nelson clocks, if this is open to any/all Vitra products my vote is for the lovely Noguchi rocking stool.

Andrew said...

Ooh I like the red Vegetal chair!! Do I get a Vase now???


Julie Brown said...

I bought a beautiful Nelson reproduction recently & love it. I love all of the furniture & it's so hard to choose my fav--but I love the Mother & Child classic tray, by Alexander Girard. Just a simple accessory, but so beautiful.

My absolute favorite, however, is the Jens Risom lounge chair ca. 1960. it's not the one with the webbing. It's an upholstered piece with clean, clean lines, perfect patina on the legs. I'll link to a picture, if possible.

Actually, I'll post it on my bloggr blog so you can click right to it.

Thomas said...

I am loving that red thing that you chose. Pretty cool!

molly said...

i have many, so it's hard to choose just one! but i've always loved this adorable plywood Eames elephant: http://www.vitra.com/en-us/home/children/. i'm such a sucker for cute things.

my little apartment said...

seriously, I have to choose?! I suppose I'd have to go with the Panton chair, only because I only recently decided that I love them. I used to absolutely LOATHE them, but now am craving a set around a farm table.

love the giveaway!

Natalie said...

La Chaise is other worldly and screams luxury to me. Can I have the vase, pretty please?