Internal Organization

I'm always looking for interesting and stylish organization, whether it be containers, boxes, bags, pouches, etc. I have recently been looking for a smaller pouch to put into my tote bag, and I stumbled upon some pretty great on the go organization.

The Book Belt. A great option when you don't want a bag, maybe to take to the park or the coffeshop.

Grid It. This is genius, esp for a bag that has no internal organization or when you're traveling and have tons of electronic devices in tow.

Waxed Canvas Zipper Bag. Just a nice sized (and good looking) bag (12"x6 3/4") that I'm thinking of getting.

images: thebookbelt.com.au, flight001.com, shop.acontinuouslean.com.

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Thomas said...

Love all of your picks. Makes me want to go shopping!