Martha- The Tall Show

I had the pleasure of attending a taping of the Martha Stewart Show last week.  It was especially fitting for me, and this blog, as it was a show devoted to all things TALL. I jumped at the chance to get tickets when I first heard about this show, and it was truly as enjoyable as I had imagined. (Note: The show airs tomorrow, Thursday Feb, 18th)

Here I am seated in the studio. Note the ruler name tag we all sported with our name and height. At 6'5", I expected to be one of the tallest, but even I was dwarfed by a couple audience members around 7'5".

My friend Matthew gazing out onto Martha's world.

The studio was actually larger than I had thought. It's so wide in fact that I couldn't capture it in one shot. And there is quite the flurry of activity going on throughout the taping.

One of the segments was Martha and Chef Alain Roby making the top layer to this massive cake, which was around 10 feet tall. A large step ladder was needed to put the top layer on, as well as a big ole' cherry made of sugar.

Later, we all got to sample a piece. Tasty!

Martha also spoke with Arianne Cohen, Author of "The Tall Book"  We all took home a copy, and it's a fascinating read. Did you know tall people, in general, make more money, are smarter and live longer? I'm just sayin...

After the show, Martha answers a few questions (in her 6 inch YSL heels). All in all, a great tall experience I'll never forget.


Thomas said...

what an awesome treat and how fitting. i'd love to catch a martha stewart show. do tell how does one get tickets! :)

Tall Drink said...

Thomas, to get tickets just go to this link:


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Scott Fazzini said...

Oh to be tall.... I guess I'll end up poor, dumb, and dead at an early age. I've got that to look forward to.