Hello Governor

On Friday I took a little trip with my pal Matt to Governor's Island, just off the Southern tip of Manhattan. It's a short ferry ride to the quaint little island that feels like an old college campus, a national history site and a quiet secluded green space.

There were so many interesting older buildings on the island. A fort that dates back to the early 18oos, single family homes, and this massive arch that was part of a large Amry housing complex built in the 1920s.

The Admirals House...very stately.

The inside was lovely too.

This is what I assume to be the living room/parlor. Above the mantle is one of the photographs displayed throughout the home of various spots on the island taken throughout the years. The house also had amazing details: floor to ceiling windows, molding everywhere, enormous pocket doors (seen above on the right) and some seriously massive chandeliers. Overall, a great day trip.

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