One of my all time favorite  interior shots. Domino, September 2008

This post marks my 200th here at A Tall Drink. What a journey it has been since I randomly started this blog back in October 2007. I didn't really have a clear mission or intent, I just knew I wanted to talk about some cool things from time to time (Early posts ranged from Topman to Divas to PBS). It wasn't until over a year later that I discovered what I was really passionate about and what A Tall Drink would become. Simply put, this blog is a true reflection of me and the things that I enjoy more than anything else. An edited collection of my design style & taste and the way I want my surroundings to look and feel. It's objects, decor, fashion, art and places I find beautiful and the components that make up the styling of one's life. I hope you've all enjoyed taking a drink.   -Logan

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Thomas said...

Excellent job Logan. I enjoy your blog very much and hope that you continue for many many more posts.