Roman & Williams

I'm certainly not the first person to sing the praises of design firm Roman and Williams. I enjoyed reading an interesting article on the firm in NY Mag that detailed the duo's rise from production designers to a highly sought after design team behind the fab Ace Hotel. I love their aesthetic, no doubt about it.

Ace Hotel
211 Elizabeth Street
Montauk House


Dan said...

It's true! They have such exquisite taste. yumyumyum.

ps- love the blog!

Michael Mattison said...

If the Ace Hotel is your style, check out Seattle's Ace should you ever be in town; it was the very first in the chain. (Great location in the Belltown neighborhood as well.)

Thomas said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. I have added a few of these shots to my personal inspiration file. Thank you!

Ian said...

Earning knowledge from a tedious yet detail and aesthetics-oriented job of production design is a hundred big worthy baggage of artistic experience. And who could nail astounding vacation apartment rentals? New York City prints know that for sure, it’s none other than the eccentric duo. They said that they started on their humble ways, starting from short-term furnished rentals, NYC firm starts noticing their craft little by little. Slowly but surely, they set up their own ladder of success as if they were never been newbies and unnoticed.